So here’s how it goes:

  When it comes to love, I have realized I am a sucker. I’m not talking about some Disney princess shit where I expect all the perfect moments and butterflies to fly overhead randomly — in fact, I am actually so cynical about love outwardly, I try to diminish my feelings and relationships when talking… Continue reading So here’s how it goes:

The First

You turned left on red in the car I got for my birthday, sophomore year of high school. I remember screaming, louder than I had already been yelling at you. “What the hell?” Silence was your response. Silence is always your favorite response. We were late, for the school dance, but being late was typical.… Continue reading The First

Where I Had The Best Birthday Weekend Ever — Rome and Florence, Italy

Alex: Sometimes, my birthday makes me sad. I know it’s probably an unpopular stance, and if I were writing this anytime before I left for college, that pathetic sentence would have never come out of my mouth because I love birthdays. I really do — any reason to get a little wild and celebrate, count… Continue reading Where I Had The Best Birthday Weekend Ever — Rome and Florence, Italy

Where I Fell In Love – Edinburgh, Scotland

Alex: Ah, I did it and I am so very sorry. I pulled the classic, "make the title so irresistible they can't help but check this post out" and if you are reading this right now, then unfortunately you fell into my trap. I promise it's okay though. First, you are now self-aware of your… Continue reading Where I Fell In Love – Edinburgh, Scotland

Quick Catch Up – Scandinavia

Alex: Ello mate — sorry, sorry, I had to. As I assume you can tell from the name of this site you somehow managed to find your way to, I am indeed ~abroad~ with my longtime roommate and friend Melissa Cubit. For those of you who know me, you might know I made the bold life… Continue reading Quick Catch Up – Scandinavia